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                地址: 蘇州市南溪江路255號
                手機:+86 1565 110 6261
                電話:+86 512 6265 8463
                獵頭信息: 機器學習工程◥師-某著@ 名歐洲企業
                發布日期: 2021/7/20
                Job Responsibilities:

                1. Engage Automotive customers to identify and explore use case for AI at shop floor.

                2. Drive multiple opportunities, effectively track and articulate the value and major wins of engagements underway

                3.  Co-create AI applications with customers to solve their challenges in manufacturing.

                4. Drive forward innovation activities within Artificial Intelligence domain and transferring these innovations into our product management organization.

                5. Discover, design, and develop analytical methods to support novel approaches of data and in-formation processing.

                6. Integrate existing market and/or open source machine learning solutions into automation prod-ucts and components.

                7. Perform exploratory data analysis, identify patterns and correlations between data features, design and implement supervised or unsupervised machine learning models and visualize and communicate key findings.

                8. Provide technical support for project and business development activities including proposal writing and customer development.

                9. Coordinate with sales, marketing and other Business Units to develop solutions based on customer requirements. 10. Participate in knowledge sharing within the team and a community of experts.


                1. Ideally have successfully completed university education in the areas of computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering sciences or will have earned the recognition of such academic achievements based on practical programming experiences.

                2. At least 3 years of professional experience in developing and testing AI algorithms and applications.

                3. At least 3 years of customer-facing or equivalent consultative-selling role

                4. A strong programming background (e.g. Python, C++) and familiarity with framework and toolkits such as scikit-learn, Tensorflow or PyTorch and a working knowledge of software development and deployment methods. Parallelization skills (CUDA, OpenCL, OpenMP, etc.) are a plus.

                5. Solid understanding of machine learning (e.g. CNN, RNN, LSTM, seq2seq, etc.) and statistics, including knowledge of best practices in feature extraction, dimensionality reduction, model validation and data virtualization.

                6. Experience administering, deploying, and provisioning Linux systems is a plus

                7. Experience with Docker is a plus

                8. Exceptional interpersonal and communication (both verbal and written) skills, and have experience communicating with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

                9. Proven track record of taking ownership and driving results.

                Yearly Income: 200K-500K based on 14 months
                聯系人:承先生     電話:+86 512 6265 8463     +86 1565 110 6261
                郵件:joe.chen@careerdream123.com       網址:www.careerdream123.com